Flinder packages

We offer a complete end-to-end solution for the whole testing process:

Flinder modules

There is a variety of possible use-cases for Flinder test tools and related services:

  • Outsource the whole test process to SEARCH-LAB as a service, and receive the detailed test report within time and budget limits.
  • Buy Flinder-generated test vector sets, and execute the tests internally.
  • Order Flinder-generated file format or protocol test vectors and outsource the test execution to SEARCH-LAB benefiting from its favorable hourly fees and Flinder-expertise. As a result receive the detailed test report together with the Flinder Test Re-run Tool for executing regression tests internally.
  • Make use of SEARCH-LAB's consultancy services in elaborating your own secure development processes and regulations, including specification of security requirements, test planning, execution and regression testing.

Some examples

Flinder bundles

SEARCH-LAB contribution options to a testing project

Test vector

Test execution

Test Re-run Tool

Flinder-generated generic or special proprietary file format test vector set



File format testing bundle




File format testing with regression testing tool bundle*




Protocol testing bundle




Protocol testing with regression testing tool bundle




* Please note that in case of protocol testing, test vector generation is necessarily bundled with test execution service for technical reasons, while in case of file format testing, test vectors are also available separately.

Test vector sets

In the simplest cases security tests can be conducted based on pre-generated test vectors. For such simple situations, where there is no dynamic data in the input files of the ToE and so Flinder is not required during testing, SEARCH-LAB sells test vector sets.

  • Test vector sets are compiled according to different file formats and protocols. We offer a flexible selection among them, while several bundles are also available at special rates.
  • For widely used, so-called generic file formats and protocols test vector sets are offered with remarkable discount.
  • Besides offering generic test vector sets, SEARCH-LAB is also ready to generate any special proprietary file format or protocol test vector set upon requests from the customer.
  • Flinder test vector set prices also vary based on file format/protocol structure complexity: compressed and encrypted/signed formats come with different license fees.

Test vector sets usually contain several thousand test vectors. Number of test vectors highly depends on complexity of the given file format or protocol. Since automated test generation can produce an overwhelming number of test vectors, SEARCH-LAB carefully applies the necessary compromise to keep the size of testing efforts at the reasonable level while maintaining test coverage to provide both time- and cost-effective solutions.

Outsourcing test execution

Beyond the generation of test vector sets, SEARCH-LAB will be happy to conduct the whole test process by developing an actuator, setting up a test environment, running the tests and preparing a test report.

Outsourcing the whole or a part of the testing process to SEARCH-LAB could save testing costs and valuable internal resources and ensure that testing will be done within the given time and budget limits, while one can also benefit from our testing experiences and security expertise.

Regression testing - Flinder Test Re-run Tool

Should you require not just the generation and the execution of test cases, but the opportunity of regression testing after software updates and bug fixes, you would need the Flinder Test Re-run Tool.

The Flinder Test Re-run Tool includes all the necessary modules, which are needed in a certain situation to generate dynamic fields of the pre-generated test vectors, dispatch them to the ToE, observe and evaluate the outcome of the test cases and report the findings.

Since in each case the Flinder Test Re-run Tool is dedicated to the given file format/protocol and to the given ToE, one version of this tool will only work with one ToE and will test only one file format or protocol.