Test vector sets

In the simplest cases security tests can be conducted based on pre-generated test vectors. For such simple situations, where there is no dynamic data in the input files of the ToE and so Flinder is not required during testing, SEARCH-LAB sells test vector sets.

  • Test vector sets are compiled according to different file formats and protocols. We offer a flexible selection among them, while several bundles are also available at special rates.
  • For widely used, so-called generic file formats and protocols test vector sets are offered with remarkable discount.
  • Besides offering generic test vector sets, SEARCH-LAB is also ready to generate any special proprietary file format or protocol test vector set upon requests from the customer.
  • Flinder test vector set prices also vary based on file format/protocol structure complexity: compressed and encrypted/signed formats come with different license fees.

Test vector sets usually contain several thousand test vectors. Number of test vectors highly depends on complexity of the given file format or protocol. Since automated test generation can produce an overwhelming number of test vectors, SEARCH-LAB carefully applies the necessary compromise to keep the size of testing efforts at the reasonable level while maintaining test coverage to provide both time- and cost-effective solutions.

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